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but we could see an upset. >> thank you very much. so from florida to michigan rick perry convenient the murder to mitt romney territory just a short time ago. perry and romney are both attending a michigan gop conference. romney was born in michigan and his father was a popular governor there. and according to bankrate.com 30 year mortgages are at a all time low. one study shows 60% of americans are questioning home ownership. why are mortgages causing so many hardships? financial expert has our financial fix later on this hour. it feels like a short cut, even through customs. that's what it feels like to be a member. anti-government protesters clashed again today in the capital of yemen. rifle fire and rockets exploding. two dozen people were killed today. many more injured according to medical sources there. yemen's president returned to his country just yesterday. after three months spent in saudi arabia recovering from an assassination attempt. the protesters want him out of office. >>> in other international news. ceo of ubs resigned today. the swiss bank lost $2.3 billion in a
in just over an hour they will be counting votes in a florida straw poll. michigan is holding a straw poll today. the outcome could be critical to candidates who lagged behind. our political reporter is in orlando, florida, two big gop straw polls in one day. let's start with florida. who showed up? >> reporter: today the main top tier candidates mitt romney and rick perry went to michigan for that other straw poll you referenced. candidates here today are those lesser known folks. herman cain. newt gingrich. jon huntsman's family came on their behalf because they're desperate for traction. straw polls are good to show that they are in the race. i have to tell you that herman cain's name has come up a lot here in wake of thursday night's presidential debate. a lot of people thought that rick perry stumbled and activists are deciding between romney and perry but cain's name comes up as offering common sense solutions is the phrase you hear from them. >> let's talk about the straw poll that will take place in michigan. how pivotal is that one? >> reporter: as i said, rick perry and mitt romn
're a republican running for president, you want to be in either michigan or florida this weekend. that's where two major straw polls are being held. cnn reporter peter hamby joining us from orlando, florida. peter, why is the contest there, florida, florida, florida, considered so important? >> reporter: florida will be the state in the general election, no doubt next year, one of them, one of the major swing states. but the state republican primary will be pivotal. the candidates believe, people in florida believe it was for john mccain in 2008 when he defeated mitt romney and catapulted himself to presidency. presidency five is the name of the confab, a philly day event, started with a debate thursday night, a conference where they all spoke. today a straw poll where 3500 or so republican activists will cast a vote in the straw poll and pick for president. rick perry is the only candidate competing in the straw poll, courting the delegates. he's expected to win. if he doesn't win, that would be a big surprise, fred. >> let's talk about another straw poll, this one being held in michigan. what's
% of the vote. the florida straw poll isn't the only one we're watching. the michigan republican party will have one. we'll hopefully have results around 8:30 eastern time. mitt romney and rick perry are the favorites. both made appearances at that event. during his speech, perry took a shot to his fellow front-runner mitt romney and tried to put his rough debate performance behind him. >> there are may be slicker candidates, and there may be smoother debaters, but i know what i believe in. i'm going to stand on that belief every day. i will guide this country with a deep, deep rudder. >> for all your political news and updates, you know the place to go. cnn.com/politics. >>> five minutes past the hour. let economy turn to seattle now where -- let me turn to seattle now where a fire-fight ends with a man being killed after being armed with two rifles. [ gunfire ] >> you're hearing it play out there. apparently this man was walking down the street pointing the guns at people. he didn't fire until he got to an elementary school. next door to where this happened, a high school football was going on
medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>> the political spotlight is on florida and michigan this weekend. earlier today, mitt romney won the straw poll at the republican conference of 681 votes cast, romney captured 51% and candidate rick perry won 16%. in the florida straw poll yesterday, involving the republican presidential candidates, herman cain was the big winner, collecting 37% of the votes. rick perry came in second. and michele bachmann got just 1%. cain said the win shows he cannot be ignored. >>> what does the florida straw poll win mean for herman cain's campaign and is new jersey governor chris christie being pressured to enter the presidential race. earlier today, i spoke with political blogger danielle belton about the changing political landscape of the presidential race. so, danielle, leading up to this straw poll, some were willing to say that this was a two-man race between romney and perry. herman cain's win in florida, that straw poll, how much of a game changer is this? >> well, you know, as exciting as this probably is for herman cain and people who su
. >> yeah, florida and then also as well michigan this morning. let's start in michigan, the re. at the top, mitt romney with 51% of the delegates voting for him. we knew he would do well, the former massachusetts governor was born in michigan, his dad was a popular governor. romney won the republican primary last time around. perry way down in -- way, way back there. he did go to michigan to campaign for this. but not so well in the results. let's go to the one out of florida. this is the florida presidency five. the winner was not rick perry, which a lot of people thought he would be. it was herman cain by a long shot. there is rick perry at 15%. romney at 14 and so on. and, fred, this is interesting because maybe these results are a reflection of the uneven debate performances we have seen from rick perry, both in florida. could be troubling. he's still the front-runner but this is troubling for rick perry. >> so straw polls, how important are they really? >> yes and no. they're a test of a campaign outreach to activists. important republicans. but, no, listen, if it was all about straw
the jobs numbers and this city suffering worst than most. unemployment here is at -- well, in michigan it's at 10.9%, but in detroit it's almost at 16%. over 50% are among the long-term unemployed. why does that matter in this is a state that the president won by 17 points. and now his approval rating in the state is at 34%. those are bismol numbers, ted. he has to get the numbers up if he hopes to win re-election. we will see the president here not just today but a lot in the next year as he campaigns for re-election. >> any hint on what he will talk about today and specifically if there will be any sneak peek into what he will deliver on thursday in terms of his plan? >> in terms of the plan we will hear him talk about the fact that he will press for measures that had bipartisan support in the past. this is a big theme for the white house, the kinds of initiatives he is proposing to increase job employment in this country, and they have had the support of republicans previously so should again. i know that we will have him talk about the importance of having a strong middle class for ec
poll result. the other one that came out this weekend, michigan, and mitt romney is at the top. no surprise here. listen, romney was born in michigan. his father a former governor there. very popular. romney won the primary there back in 2008. he was expected to win. but perry did go up to michigan and campaign and he was a distant second. for perry, i think a lot of people are saying that those uneven debate performances, especially last week and the attacks on rick perry over his stance on illegal immigration, may be taking a toll. one other thing from the debates or from the straw polls, michele bachmann nowhere to be seen near the top. remember she won the straw poll in iowa in august. but she finished very low down in both of these straw polls. one thing about those, they are important. they are a gauge or a test or a barometer of a campaign with a lot of activists. they are not the end all and be all. if they were, herman cain or ron paul would be the nominee, and nobody thinks that is very likely, kyra. >> mitt romney going to meet with donald trump today. what is it abo
-runner's status this weekend. mitt romney won michigan straw poll by a 3-1 margin over perry. now, romney's father served as michigan governor in the '60s making the son somewhat of a home state favorite. in florida, herman cain took top billing. he drew twice as many votes as perry, with romney in third place. cain says he won because voters are beginning to notice his 999 tax plan. here's how he explains it. >> my plan is bold because it throws out the tax code and imposes a business flat tax of 9%, personal flat tax of 9%, national sales tax of 9%. it replaces all of the taxes that people are now having to grapple with and it provides search engine to the business community which is what they're looking for in order to grow this economy. >> governor perry jumped into the race for the gop nomination. that was just six weeks ago. instantly topped the polls but critics say that perry's debate performances have been kind of shaky, leaning to some doubts. >>> well, in 3 1/2 hours we're going to get new details on the washington monument and perhaps when it's going to reopen to tourists. it's been cl
of weekend straw poll votes. front-runner rick perry came in a distant second in both michigan and florida. mitt romney won the michigan straw poll. that's not particularly shocking since romney was born in michigan and his father was a michigan governor. the big surprise was in florida where underdog herman cain pulled off a stunning upset. cain got 37% of the vote in the presidency five straw poll. perry only got 15%. we'll talk it over in our "fair game" segment next hour. >>> one of two fullerton, california police officers charged with beating a homeless man to death entered a not guilty plea today. man well ramos is charged with second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in connection with the july 5th death of 37-year-old kelly thomas. we've been following this case here on the show. prosecutors say the homeless man begged for his life as ramos and another officer tasered him an beat him. the judge has scheduled a november 4th pretile hearing for ramos. that is the same day as a scheduled hearing for the other defendant, who entered a not guilty plea last week. >>> back now t
for people who are paralyzed. pretty amazing. one of a professor it at the university of michigan. thank you, jesse, so much for joining us on the show and bringing mabel with you. first, mabel doesn't exactly are sound like the amazing name of a futuristic row are bot. what does it stand for? >> it it's short for michigan an though poe morph ick -- with electric legs. but mabel is powered by four electric motors. when we were naming the robot, i wanted "m" nor michigan and "b" for bi-ped. the rest fell into place. >> i'm fascinated by mabel's knees. this is pretty rare for a robot to move like this? >> yes. what we're doing in this lab is working on the feedback algorithms, measuring the position and speed of all the robots' various joints. they do that once every millie second. we cal late what these joints should be doing and then we adjust the power commands to the motor such that the robot plays out the right responses to various responses. so the general field is called feedback control. we apply these methods to robots like mabel. >> so mabel is really cool. we all agree with that, bu
of a bloomfield, michigan cruiser. he moved the hands to in front of him. he emptied his pockets which contained heroin. then he used his mouth to loosen the handcuffs. let's time it to see how long it takes him to take off the cuffs. left alone in the cruiser with the radio on, alexander gnawed, salivated and tugged for a mere 17 seconds before the cuff came off. he kept looking around for the officer. you could almost see him think. while we're at it, shouldn't the suspect be wearing a seatbelt? then the minor detail, how he opened the window. the barrier between the front and back was left open. he crawled into the front seat. watch the light change as he presses the button, opening the rear window. this cruiser was cuffed. a burglar in utah went out there a moving police car. when he threw himself out, he was not seriously hurt. he was recovered. his freddie mercury moment short lived. ♪ i've got to break free >>> all right, this morning presidential candidates spanning across the country from the east coast to the west and smack in the middle of the heartland. we are following them every
low is a number of water spouts reported off of lake michigan. look at these pictures from yesterday morning. this was two to five miles off the coast. you can see them from milwaukee and the chicago area. there were literally dozens of reports of this. this is kind of an unusual thing that happens from time to time over lake michigan, don. that water is so warm right now. it is 25 degrees warmer than the cold air that moved in and that produces instability and why they had so many water spouts there yesterday. a lot of rotations all over the place. we will continue to track the storms and if anything changes in memphis, we will let you know. >> i lived on the lake and can attest to that. not that i saw them so much but i know it does happen. thank you. >>> cnn international desk editor is here with some interesting news items that you might have heard about. let's begin in spain. centuries-old trgs tradition is coming toed and in that part of the country. >> when you think of spain and barcelona you think of bull fighting. today marked the end of an era that has been synonymous with
be shaped by what happens this weekend in florida and in michigan, earlier today, mitt romney won the straw poll at michigan's republican conference. of 681 votes cast, romney captured 51% and rick perry was a distant second with 16%. and then in that florida straw poll yesterday as we mentioned herman cain was the winner collecting 37% of the vote. rick perry came in second but way back behind cain and romney was just behind perry. ca his n says his win shows he cannot be ignored. political blogger danielle blotten, joins us. some were willing to say this was a two-man race between romney and perry. herman cain's win in florida, the straw poll, how much of a game changer is this? >> you know, as exciting as this probably is for herman cain and people who support him this is a poll that people pay to vote in. the most motivated insiders and activists who basically want to send a message to governor rick perry about his poor performance in the most recent debate and about some of the other concerns they've had about him. he didn't really campaign as vigorously as cain did in florida. cain di
're not, actually. perry just left florida. he's flying out to michigan where there's yet another gop conference at mackinac island, which is a beautiful pastoral resort up in michigan where a bunch of activists are covered. there's another straw poll, so we get to see how these candidates are faring among the debate among these trushl voters, t.j. >> peter, thank you. >>> president obama has an important night ahead of him. he has a speech to the congressional black caucus. the caucus has been critical of the white house for the way the president has handled the issue of jobs. unemployment among african-americans was almost 17% last month. >>> we're down to ten, ten they're rows we're talking about. the cnn heros top ten list is out. did your favorite make the cut? you will find out, next. >>> still to come this morning, it's the end of an era. after 41 years on the air, "all my children" has said good-bye. coming up, i'm talking to the guy that the ladies know so well, michael e. knight, or better known to you as tad martin here with me this morning. >>> we're at 24 minutes past the
to a story we are are following out of michigan. you know, some might call one walgreens employee a hero after he pulled a gun on armed rob rers in may. the robbers took off, no one was hurt. but walgreens apparently didn't think there was anything heroic about it it at all. in fact, the company fired this man. now that employee was a pharmacist. he is now suing. as part of the case, we're getting video surveillance of the entire thing as it went down. here is reporter steve patterson of affiliate wzzm. >> i feared for my life. >> reporter: in may, two armed men entered a walgreens in benton harbor where jer huven worked. they take a manager hostage and push him to the back of the store. >> the gunman repeatly attempted to fire upon me. >> reporter: in this edited security footage, given to wzzm 13 news from huven's attorney, you can see a masked man leap over the counter, weapon drawn. >> in self-defense, i fired my weapon. >> reporter: and the crooks ran off. in a press conference on wednesday, the pharmacist says he has hey permit for the weapon but was fired a week later. >> mr. huve
in michigan today. he's appearing at an event hosted by the metro detroit central labor council. detroit hit hard by the labor crisis. and the president's remarks come three days before he outlines his plan for turning this jobs market around. >>> fighting, you see there, breaks out between egyptian police and families of people killed in the uprising against the former president, hosni mubarak. the families tried to push themselves into the building where mubarak's trial resumed. mubarak was again wheeled into court on a stretcher. he was charged with ordering the killing of protesters during the revolution in february. >>> libyan rebels pushed to the outskirts of moammar gadhafi's last strong hold. they have targeted the cities of bani walid and serte. talks broke down after an aggressive speech by one of gadhafi's brothers. >> reporter: i was told several months ago that the family was united. right now it's not, so it clearly indicates there are divisions there. gadhafi, just a little bit of his situation, says he has to move often, doesn't have time to watch television, he is save at th
to be one winner. it's going to be the workers of michigan and america. we're going to win that war. president obama, this is your army. we are ready to march, and president obama, we want one thing -- jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs! that's what we're going to tell him. he's going to be -- when he sees what we're doing here, he will be inspired, but he needs help. you know what? everybody here has got to vote. if we go back, keep the eye on the prize, let's take these sons of -- out and get back to where we belong. >> dan, how is the white house responding this morning? >> reporter: well, they're not. in fact, as the internet continues to burn with, you floe, comments about those remarks, you know, the suggestion that the president should weigh in and could not democrat them, i did have an e-mail exchange with a official who reiterated the white house would have no comment. instead what they're talking about is the focus of this administration, as the president is days away from delivers his jobs speech. we're being told it would be a combination of things we have he
mortgages are underwater. in places like michigan, california, parts there, they're suffering from unemployment numbers that are greater than during the depths of the great depression. look, barack obama promised to cut the deficit in half, and instead he turned around and he tripled it. and now our national debt is growing at $3 million a minute. that's $4.25 billion a day. president obama, is this when you call winning the future? i call it losing, losing our country, and with it the american dream. president obama, these people, these americans feel that fierce urgency of now, but do you feel it, sir? the tea party was born of this urgency. it is the same sense of urgency that propelled the sons of liberty during the revolution,. it is the same sense of urgency that propelled the abolitionists before the civil war and the civil rights movement during the 20th century. the tea party movement is part of this noble american tradition. this movement isn't simply a political awakening, it is an american awakening. it is coming from ordinary americans, not the politicos in the beltway
in michigan's lake huron. >> we would like to thank you for coming down. we have the sunshine string band all the way from midland county. >> i bought a little mandolin when i came home from korea. we were out drinking and playing and i rebuilt the body board. that was back 45 years ago. i built this body and rebuilt it and rebuilt it. so one of the easiest playing instruments i've ever had and a mandolin, until i'm 83, i've played the harmonica, whatever is left over i try to play. . >> a very dangerous instrument, got all three legs already. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> crosscut larson, thank you. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... ♪ [ male announcer ] in here, medical history follows you... even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the world...work. rethink possible. with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and
, both perry and romney speak in person at a gop conference in michigan, another state that's moving up its primary position in the race for the white house. results of a straw poll there, they come out tomorrow morning. t.j. >> tonight, it's an important night for president obama. he'll be speaking to the congressional black caucus. some members have been critical of the way he's been handling the jobs problem. unemployment among african-americans was nearly 17% last month. >>> turn to the middle east now with the palestinian authorities foreign minister says he is hoping for quick action on the palestinian push for full ewe nooitd night dollars nations membership. president mahmoud abbas put forward the request in a speech at the u.n. . the u.n. security council will discuss the request on monday. he's hoping a vote will come soon. the u.s. threatening to veto a resolution on statehood if it makes it to the security council. the american position, israel must be a part of any statehood issues. after the abbas speech, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu took the stage. >> this sa
. also problems at the tennessee game, the iowa game, and the michigan game because of storms. >> i know -- >> they want them safe. >> i don't think they want to risk anything. i remember a story, a young student at notre dame, declan sullivan was his name. he was filming the practice and the hydraulic lift fell over, to his death. i would imagine that they're taking every precaution that they can. although some people may be upset with the decision. thank you very much, appreciate it. a lot going on with katia and lee. we'll check back, thanks. >>> also, we're covering gabrielle giffords. the last time we saw the congresswoman, she showed up for that important house vote to keep the government from defaulting. there she was getting a standing ovation. who could forget? she has been traveling. she is spending the labor day weekend at home with family in tucson. gabby giffords has been living in houston while recovering from the near-fatal shooting in january. >>> meanwhile, there's a political uproar brewing over the raffle of a handgun. very similar to the model used in the shooting tha
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-montana. fans in and arbor didn't get to see the fourth quarter. michigan's match-up was called off because of lightning. the teams agreed to end the game with the wolverines up dean obeidallah-10. not something fans want to see. jacqui jeras is at the weather center. we know how football fans are. they are into the game. this is opening weekend. better to be safe, right? >> absolutely. it was great to see they actually evacuated some of these stadiums to keep people safe throughout the storm. bummer for football fans. tomorrow is another day. hopefully next weekend we'll get great games in. we are tracking storms still moving across the midwest at this hour. a sliver of a severe thunderstorm watch which includes the det tro metro area. you guys have been pounded with heavy rain, lots of lightning. we've seen strong gusty winds to go along with it. this is the cold front helping to drive all of our weather systems right now across the u.s. this is heading into the eastern great lakes by tomorrow and could be having somewhat of an impact on tropical storm lee. a lot of you trying to get out
island in michigan where former massachusetts governor mitt romney will speak at any minute at a dinner for the mackinaw republican leadership conference. he's a native of the state and his father served as governor there in the 1960s, but texas governor rick perry isn't ready to cede the state to his rival. he spoke earlier in the day during a lunch at the same republican conference. here's what he had to say. >> i don't dislike government. i just want government to work. and work for us. i'd like for the federal government to do some of the things that it's actually supposed to do in the constitution. like defend our borders. >> let's gets to washington now where at this hour, president obama is going to speak at a dinner hosted by the congressional black caucus. african-americans are among the president's strongest supporters. they're also suffering, and unemployment rate close to 17%. some members of the cbc say they want the president to fight harder for his proposals and in just a few minutes, you're going to hear my conversation with emmanuel clear of, the chairman of the cbc. >>
updates on the story as it evolves. >>> in michigan, a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information can lead to an arrest in this car bombing. it happened in monroe, michigan. about 40 miles south of detroit on tuesday. a well known divorce attorney and his two sons had just left a football practice when their car exploded. all three were seriously injured. listen to the father's 911 call. >> monroe county, 911. >> my car blew up with two kids. you've been called already but i'm telling you what's going on with the boys. i've got two significant leg injuries. one to his bottom left leg and one to his left buttocks that are chewed up pretty good. okay? >> okay. >> they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> wow! both children and their father are now in stable condition. federal investigators stay bomb was a sophisticated device that had a timing mechanism. >>> two people accused of posting false rumors on social media about school attacks in eastern mexico walked free yesterday after authorities dropped terrorism charges against them. the person spent nearly a month behind bars a
will be embolden emboldened, and it brings back memories of 1989 when duke lost in the final four and michigan won in the championship and glen rice who is the player that she's accused of having an affair with won the michigan mvp so for me i don't want to go there! >> all right, john? >> what's extraordinary to me s that as politico pointed out, she's called the lame-stream media has run to her defense. and you see "the new york times" being invoked as this paragon of integrity, if "the times" dishes on the book, i think it's fair, it's sleazy and salacious and not very well-sourced book, the fact that sarah palin is not running for president for all accounts i think makes it less news worthy. it's out-of-bounds and shouldn't have any impact of people's perceptions on sarah palin. >> question number two, tom ridge endorsing jon huntsman, right now i'm actually looking live as it's coming through our control room, so what do you think? can anything help resuscitate this struggling presidential campaign? maria? >> unfortunately not, kyra, because jon huntsman i think in terms of the candidate is
. >>> have you heard this? dramatic 911 call after this car bombing in a michigan neighborhood. >> 911. >> okay, we have a bad accident. any car blew up with two kids. called on already. i've got two significant leg injuries. one to the bottom left injury, his bottom left leg and then one to his left buttocks that are chewed up pretty good, okay? >> okay. >> eight tissue wounds that are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> why was this family, father, two sons, on the case? "the situation room" on the road, day four. stay with us. wolf will join me live from new york. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. >>> designed for maximum damage, what police are now saying about thi
, arizona, michigan and florida, a program allows food stamps to be used at restaurants. the question is, should more states get on board and allow restaurants to accept food stamps? joining me now is the founder and executive director of the national law center on homelessness and poverty. thank you both for joining me. maria, is expanding the food stamps to be used at restaurants a good idea, do you think? >> it is absolutely a good idea. this is an existing federal program that's been on the books for decades. but it's a state option. so states have a choice. i think they should use that choice because hunger is increasing, more and more people are also losing their homes and this is a program that applies to people who are homeless or elderly or disabled. therefore, it's extremely difficult or impossible for them to go to the grocery store and bring back food and cook it at home. for homeless people, they have no home to cook it in. so this could make an enormous difference. it can make a difference between having access to food and not having it. >> ma lynn a, i want to ask you, if
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